Why is it easy to queue?

No one likes to be stuck in a slow moving queue. A mobile queuing system like Qtip.Me takes the pain away from queuing, promotes better utilization of waiting time and helps businesses make huge savings in their operational costs. Qtip.Me is a safe and sustainable one-stop solution for managing pre and post customer service engagement with your customers. Below is the list of features that help us to stand out from other similar systems in the market.

Mobile and remote queuing
Mobile & remote queuing
Let your customers know that you value their time by giving them a freedom to join the queue remotely, even before they are at your store or business premises.
Real time notifications
Instant notifications
We send real-time notifications to keep your customers up-to-date with their position in the queue. This helps them plan their visit to the service desk right before their turn.
Real time statistics
Real time statistics
Use the real time queuing data for real time problem solving, learning customer's habits and reducing gap between customer expectations their actual experience with your brand.
human centric queuing
Human centric queuing
Qtip.Me focuses on being transparent, safe and one-stop solution for customer service. After all, your customers are more than just a queuing number for your business.
Accessibility support
Accessibility support
All our applications are aimed to answer to accessibility adjustments and we plan to achieve this by adhering to WCAG 3.0 guidelines and having support for screen readers (expected: Q2-2021)
Scheduled appointments
Scheduled appointments
Our system makes it easy to switch between regular queuing and scheduled appointments, thereby ensuring customer service continuity during special circumstances.
Automated feedback
Automated feedback
Receive instant feedback from your customers about how they value your brand and the quality of customer service they just received. Use this data for analyzing what works and what needs improvement.
API support
API support
Integrate our system to your website, mobile app, customer register or any other system of your choice and ensure single point of access for your customers and staff.
Remote queuing
application screenshot that shows nearby places
Join queue from where you are and utilize the waiting time however you want to. We use your current location to show you the list of supported customers service locations around you.
Real time notifications
application screenshot that shows a push notification in a dialog
Stay up-to-date with regular notifications that are sent in real time as and when the queue gets shorter. Use these notifications to plan your visit right before it's your turn to be served.
Instant feedback
application screenshot that shows a feedback window
Provide feedback about the quality of customer service and help businesses reduce the gap between customer expectation and the actual customer experience.

Multiple ways to join a queue

Join the queue from wherever you are and using your own device. Download our app for iOS, Android or then use your smart device's web browser. It's also possible to join the queue using the Walk-in kiosks available at the business premises.
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Download from Apple store

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Use any modern web-browser

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Includes paper ticket support

Who is Qtip.Me for?

It is a natural fit for all places that have queues.

Qtip.Me is a powerful platform that helps implement sustainable customer service solutions and makes it possible to meet customer's needs even before meeting them. It has a proven track record in:

  • Streamlining customer service processes
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing waiting time for customers in queue
  • Boosting staff morale
  • Reducing unnecessary costs in operational expenses

Qtip.Me is for everyone who wants to queue safely and it works well for any business, institution or organization that provides any type of customer service to its customers. Whether its a barber or a bank, hospital, call centers, citizen service desk, retail shop, telecom store, restaurant or even a government office - is easy to start, easy to scale-up, and a one-stop solution to manage the whole customer service lifecycle.

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What our customers say about Qtip.Me?

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Our prices are simple, transparent and they suit businesses of all sizes. Plus, we offer you a free trial for 30 days, which can be extended for up to 90 days and during which you can cancel anytime, without any payment obligations.

€ per month
One queue per location

1500 tickets per month

3 staff accounts per location

24/5 email support

€ per month
Three queues per location

3600 tickets per month

9 staff accounts per location

24/5 email support

€ per month
Seven queues per location

Unlimited tickets per month

21 staff accounts per location

24/7 email support

Contact Sales
On-premises or dedicated

24/7 priority support

Easy integration to multiple apps

Customize** based on your needs

**Customizations are subject to additional charges, usually determined based on the actual efforts of the development team.