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is a mobile queueing system that delivers
increased Customer Satisfaction and an improved Customer Service Experience.


Today's customers are smart, connected and demanding. They hate to wait and want quality customer service as soon as possible. Let's admit. Queues are boring. They consume a lot of time, resources and often come with various overheads like Reduced customer loyalty, Poor customer service experience, Demotivated staff.

, a mobile queuing system, is a simple and innovative solution to a global problem. We have helped businesses and brands boost their Customer Satisfaction and Profits by reducing the waiting time of their customers and streamlining their customer service process.

Remote Queueing

Remote queuing

Customers join the queue before-hand using their Smartphones or Computers or Tablets. Our Mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

Regular notifications

Regular notifications

Customers are notified as and when the queue gets shorter. This helps them reach your premises right on time.

Instant feedback

Instant feedback

Once served by staff, customers provide an instant feedback of the service they just received and connects every interaction to a feedback.

A happy customer is a loyal customer! takes the pain away from queuing and gives your customers a freedom to utilize their waiting time however they like to. It allows your staff to get rid of queue and crowd management overheads and focus comepletely on quality customer service. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup any customer service queue. The real time dashboard delivers the instant information about the current queuing situation and helps you and your staff address any service specific bottlenecks immediately.

is a cost-effective, one-stop solution for managing your Customer Flow, Feedback and Staff's productivity. Start your 30 day FREE trial today!

Who is for?

is for any business, institution or organization that provides Customer Service to their customers or end-users. It's an excellent choice and a natural fit for all places that have queues and is a powerful platform that has proven to ...

... boost staff's morale and increase their productivity at the Customer Service Desk for Telecom Operators, Banks and Call centers.

... streamline the customer service process by getting information about customer's needs even before they reach the service premises.

... reduce the waiting time for the patients at medical laboratory or to see a doctor / nurse at health care center and get treated in as less time as possible.

... allow people do multiple things like pick up grocery or grab a cup of coffee while still being in the queue, for example, at the hairstore in the mall.

For end-users or consumers or people who queue, this product is available in form of a mobile application (for iOS and Android) which they can use to explore and secure a place in queue at all the nearby places that use . Its also possible to use our web version of our app, available at app.qtip.me . To read more about the Benefits of , click here .

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Streamline your customer service today!

30 day FREE trial | No credit card needed


is packed with powerful features that help you get the most out of the system. The best part is that everything runs in the cloud and no installation is required.

Know your customer. Get to know your customer prior to their visit and provide them a more personal customer service.

Service pre-information. Streamline your customer service process by asking service specific questions to the customer that help your staff understand their needs beforehand.

Real time notifications. PUSH or SMS notifications sent in real time keep your customers informed and helps them reach your service premises right on time.

Configurable feedback. Sometimes, one, two or three stars are not enough for a feedback. Add questions to the feedback request that help you understand your customer's perception of your brand.

Scheduled appointments. A brand new way of managing reserved timeslots to meet your customers.

Real time analytics. Analyze your queuing situation in real time, identify bottlenecks and take immediate action to improve service efficiencey and quality.

API Support. Built with REST APIs, its very easy to integrate to your own Mobile app, Website, Customer register or any other system of your choice.

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Increase your profits!

30 day FREE trial | No credit card needed

We support price plans for businesses of all sizes.
The trial version is basic and FREE for anyone to use.


FREE No hidden fee

One queue per location
50 tickets per day
24/5 Email support
with 8-hour response time
Upto 3 months of free trial
No credit card required


€ 149Per-Month

Three queues per location
120 tickets per day
24/5 Email support
with 8-hour response time
Marketplace access
for Value added services


€ 349Per-Month

Unlimited queues per location
Unlimited tickets per day
24/7 Email support
with 4-hour response time
Marketplace access
for Value added services


On-premises or dedicated
24/7 Priority support
Easy integration to your mobile or enterprise apps & websites
Customize** based on your specific needs
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