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Enterprise version for Qtip.Me

Is a dedicated backend server to meet all the queuing needs for your organization. It can run on-premises in your own secure environment or can be managed by our team within our cloud infrastructure.

How is it different from other plans?

Other plans are tailored to fit the needs of an individual store, business or location. On the contrary, the Enterprise version suits better to the needs of an organization, which for example has multiple customer service stores (or locations) across a city, province or country, all of which use Qtip.Me for their Customer flow management needs.

Who is this version for?

The Enterprise version is an excellent match for businesses of all sizes which have multiple customer service stores or locations across a city, province or country. This version is for businesses of all sizes including SMEs, big corporate organizations etc., who want to align their Customer service strategy and its execution across their organization for improved customer retention, brand loyalty and unified customer service experience.